About the Hosts

Molly and Katie when they both lived in Austin and shared a co-working space. When they first met, Katie said,“Here’s who I don’t like,” and Molly knew she had a new best friend, and also that she really missed the East Coast!

At the time, Molly was dating an audio engineer, so they put all that sound equipment to some use. They started a (very embarrassing) podcast called “Ask the Meatloaf Twins.” (Molly loves making meatloaf, Katie loves Meatloaf the singer. It was based on a couples’ Halloween costume that never came to be.) After 11 episodes, Molly and the audio engineer broke up, so they sought a fresh start with Yeah No Yeah and one of Austin’s finest part-time sound guys, Chris (who made our intro and made us believe in love again).

The first Season of Yeah No Yeah focused on advice, but after 19 episodes — and a brush with local fame when they hosted two live episodes at a bar called Dozen Street — they decided they couldn't badger their friends for questions anymore. Since then, they went through a few different themes before landing on pop culture, fandoms, and internet celebrity.